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Installation of Major Jane Morris

Sunday 28th August 2011

The meeting was conducted by Major Beverly Stringer

Major Jane comes to us with her husband Tony, from her previous appointment at Illford.


She said: “A Salvation Army officer in many ways is like a minister. I run the local corps, lead worship and get myself involved in the community groups.

“I do this job because it is a mixture of work with the corps, serving God and working in the community. It brings people together from all walks of life.”

“I found the people there very warm and welcoming. I think since I joined it changed me as a person. Before, I was quite a shy teenager.”

“It is okay because I am used to hearing ‘me duck’ as I am from Lincolnshire, but it is lovely going into a shop and the shopkeepers have a conversation with you, which you don’t get in some cities. It is nice being in a town like this.”

“The Salvation Army is about soup, soap and salvation. It is outward looking as well as caring for the community, and the band also visits the prisons."

“I’m excited to be here, look forward to getting to know the people and to see what God has in store for us.”