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Food requests ‘will not’ take your children away - Salvation Army 

Written by BY Burton Mail 

RUMOURS that children will taken away from their parents if their families request an emergency food parcel are being quashed by Burton’s Salvation Army.

Burton Salvation army. Vic Wileman

Burton Salvation army.
Vic Wileman

The Burton branch of the organisation revealed that some families were going without food because they were concerned that their children will be taken away if they requested a food parcel.

The news comes as the branch revealed its latest food parcel figures adding that demand has now started to stabilise at between 80 and 100 requests a month.

In May 2014, there were 79 food parcels supplied, serving 106 adults and 86 children, and the same month last year, the figure was 52. It means the total number of parcels supplied this year equals 438 parcels, serving 597 adults and 419 children, and 230 in 2013.

Vic Wileman, a member of Burton’s Salvation Army, said “It is felt that demand for help has begun to stabilise at between 80 and 100 requests, a month.”

While he could not provide a definite answer to the stabilisation, he said: “It could be because we also talking to other agencies.

”The holistic approach we undertake with our partners ensures that we don’t only put food in the mouths of those in need, and so the issue(s) that have caused this situation, are addressed. This is important, if we jointly work with the clients to sort out the underlying problems, requiring support from each partner during this period.

”The clients we see are always in desperate circumstances, often we hear them say: ‘We thought it was only for people on benefits’. Or more recently, which we find more worrying: ‘we don’t like to ask for a food parcel, in case our children are taken away’. This concerns us, as children (and parents) are going hungry, when help is there for them. The service we offer is there for all those in real need, who are also working with a provider to resolve the underlying problems.”

Anyone wishing to donate food or cash can contact Major Jane Morris on 01283 563627, or Vic Wileman on 01889 564117.


WHILE supplies of food parcels are stabilising in Burton, the Salvation Army says it is experiencing cases which are both more desperate, and often more complex.

While delivering food parcels, members of the branch may also realise the client needs further help from difference sources, either medical or financial.

Vic Wileman explains: “A case in point, we were called by a person who had received a food parcel in February, the person felt confident to talk to ourselves.

“The client had not been outside their door for several months; as a result financial matters needed addressing.

”After a lengthy conversation, the client has accepted an agency to help address the financial situation, and has contacted their doctor for further help.

”This was not the only situation; a client on delivering their food parcel, was able to admit that they were an alcoholic; we are looking to assist the client, with a route that will be acceptable.

”Other cases where we have been able to help include providing furniture, necessities for their baby, and towels, bedding and other such items, where we could help, without cost to the clients.”

Clients, who could be in need of an emergency food parcel, are often referred to the Salvation Army by organisations such as Burton YMCA, housing associations, social services, Homestart, schools, churches, council, the police and the probation service.

extract from the Burton Mail 5h June 2014